About Us

LSE (Lumanet Solar Energy), LLC History and Company Profile

Olaf Becker started LSE in the year of 2012 because of the huge demand for clean energy ,primarily as a long term power solution for Florida.

Today we have 3 major markets:

  1. Solar Power for on-grid systems.
  2. Solar Power for 100% Green Data Centers.
  3. Solar Power for off-grid systems.
Olaf Becker original from Germany grew up in northern Germany and learned early on how Wind and Solar Energy can replace over time the demand for Nuclear and outdated Coal Energy. After moving to the United States of America in 2007 he first did analysis and researches for 5 years before he made the decision to buy some land and to start the Company as a Solar Company in Central Florida. Shortly after he expanded his original Solar Company towards the Continental USA to also offer Solar on and off Grid-tie installation kits to Customers and Contractors which than do the local onsite installation for his Customers.

In 2015 LSE LLC did his first residential trial installation on his own property in New Mexico.  As the demand to supply also the residential sector is growing we will adjusting the Company for the Customers needs. Because Customers do come first for LSE LLC.