• LSE Power Supply Adapter for Mining Rigs

Custom build for Data Center usage. Supplies up to 1000Watt if your Input PSU Voltage is 240V, 850W on 120V as shown in the picture. 

Use it in combination with a HP DPS-800GB A (Part Numbers: 379123-001, 399771-001, 380622-001, and 403781-001).

We do also sell those in a combo here on Ebay and in our Shop. We tested the new design before we released it to the market to ensure you have the best performance possible and reliability to run it 24/7.

We tested this design in our own Data Center in Florida with various setups. From Antminer S3 S5 S7 over Spondoolies SP20 as well as Gridseed, Spondoolies and KNCMiner. We prefer to use full copper cables instead of those weak and cheap PCI-E 6pin cables which we noticed get very warm on an Antminer S7 but when we use full copper wire there is zero heat coming off the cable. Here are some of the key features :

  • Support of 8 up to devices (MAX 850Watt or 70Amp)

  • underlayment to protect the exposed solder

  • Level with the PSU

  • designed for Data Center usage

  • Hot Swap feature (No soldering been used to connect to the PSU)

  • 16 Terminal easy Color coded (BLACK = GROUND | BLUE = +12V)

  • multi layer PCB from a high quality Manufacturer who does do work for BOSCH, GE and other name brands

  • Jumper JP1 & JP2 turn the devices into a 12V Batterie Charger (output above 13V)

This auction is for a single PSU Breaker board unit with standoff's only.

If you need more please check us out at Lumanet Solar Energy LLC (http://www.LSE.Solar).

With this PSU Breaker board comes now also with 4 PSU M3 standoff's so that your PSU is level with this unit.

As a bonus we offer 16 Terminal connectors ( 8 * +12V &  8 * Ground) So that you can hook even more up, like 4 Gridseed Blades or other units. This unit is designed and build for Data Center usage too. So once you have it just screw into the bottom of the PSU the Standoff and slid the PSU breaker board on and you can start using the unit.

We did designed this for 24/7 Operation since we do also operate our own BitCoin and AltCoin Data Center which run's 100% on Solar Power now down in Florida.

Also for our RC Model friend's we worked so that when you close Jumper 01 & 02, adjust the pot and your 12V jump to over 13.2V so you can charge your Batteries. Yes it even work as a Charger for Cars Batteries.

Made in the USA

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LSE Power Supply Adapter for Mining Rigs

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